Custom WC planning.

Your Workers’ Comp needs are unique because the workers you are comping are unique. That’s why we dig into details, such as specific industry and employee classifications, to tailor a WC plan unique to you.

Current plan review.

Already have Workers’ Comp in place? Let’s make sure it does what it should! Our no-cost, obligation-free plan review aims to determine whether you are properly protected—or are paying too much for what you’re getting.

Full Claims Processing

WC insurance is one of those “Better have it and don’t need it” things in life. But when an event does occur, our dedicated claims team steps in to help you make the process quick, painless, and fair to everyone involved.

Annual audit prepping.

Insurance carriers can audit your business for a number of reasons. The most common are after a policy period and after a claim. In any case, leave all the documentation, payroll verification, and class codes to our team.

Smart risk management.

Insurance, like your business, is never static. So as your business grows and your employee census evolves, we help grow the power of your WC protection. Whether that means a change in risk or added locations, we manage it.

Workers' Comp that works for you.

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